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MOVE Platform

Using the MOVE Platform


The current process of ordering parts is inefficient and complicated, even for well-organized automotive and heavy truck businesses.

Most businesses still rely on outdated communication methods like phone calls, paper forms, and web forms that don’t provide real-time feedback to customers.

Every day, ordering parts results in lost time and money. MOVE saves both while providing a consistent purchase experience for your customers and partners.

How the MOVE Platform works:

The MOVE Platform works like most modern 2-way marketplace applications. It has a web-based Admin control panel that your business logs into in order to manage and control the order management and processing within MOVE. All aspects of the MOVE platform are configured and controlled from this Admin control panel, as well as all team development, roles, and branding.

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MOVE is a Progressive Web App

In addition to the web-based Admin control panel used to process part orders, the MOVE Platform allows your business to deploy and distribute a PWA ( Progressive Web App) that can be custom-branded for all of your dealership and repair shop teams to use for initiating and placing orders.

This PWA ( Progressive Web App ) is delivered via Weblink and downloaded to any smartphone, appearing and operating just like any other native app on your phone. This PWA will be branded with the elements of your business and represents the ordering device for the MOVE Platform & placing all orders.

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Communicating on the MOVE Platform

MOVE is quick & easy to use.  Placing your auto part order can be done in as little as 5 simple steps.

Parts orders are communicated instantaneously across the MOVE Platform. To start an order on the MOVE Platform, you will open the MOVE PWA on your smartphone, snap up to 5 images of a part you need to order, fill out a short order form, and add any additional notes needed. You will then choose your parts distributor, if you have more than one, and send the order.

The parts order will be received on the MOVE Platform Desktop control panel and parts associates will be notified that a new part order has been added to the platform. The parts associate will be able to review the order, view and zoom in on all pictures sent, see the VIN information and any notes provided, and then check the availability of the requested part.

Once it is determined the part is in stock, the parts associate can fill out a simple quote form and send the quote out to the repair shop Move App, where they will receive a notification on their phone where they can open the App and view the quote.

If they are happy with the quote, the repair shop can accept the quote with the push of a button and then fill in credit card information to process and accept the quote, completing the order.

Most orders take less than a minute to create and under five minutes to process and quote out to the customer.

Branding & Custom Domains

The MOVE Platform has been designed to allow complete white-label brand customizations and domain configurations on all accounts. Your brand name, colors, and logo can be set, allowing the MOVE Platform and PWA Mobile App to display as your own custom software.

Our white-label custom domain enables you to use your own business domain name (eg: to display to your customers and partners, replacing our default domain:

Creating an ecosystem of Rooftop Locations

Realize the ultimate control and oversight of your business part ordering operation with the MOVE Platform. When you sign up for a MOVE Platform account, your business will be configured as a Dealership Master Account.

This Dealership Master Account is full-featured and includes all the features and capabilities of the MOVE Platform under a single subscription cost. An additional feature the Dealership Master Account has is the ability to create a Rooftop Location Sub Account.

The Dealership Master Account creates Rooftop Location Sub Accounts and requires an additional subscription per account. These accounts are full-featured and include all the features and capabilities of the MOVE Platform, including custom branding and domain configuration.

Rooftop Location Sub Accounts have the option to share a weblink that leads to their own branded PWA mobile app with their customers who order parts. The Dealership Master Account can track and monitor the performance of all the Rooftop Location Sub Accounts that are required for their dealership network. This helps to measure performance and ensure that all dealerships are meeting the required standards.

Tracking & Reporting / Integration HUB

The MOVE Platform enables effortless tracking and reporting of parts orders in real-time. One of the most significant advantages of possessing a specialized platform for parts ordering communication lies in its capacity to monitor and evaluate orders over an extended period and employee performance.

MOVE has a dedicated dashboard that allows you to see all orders in the order submitted when they were completed and the amount of those orders. Track performance over time and across your Rooftop Location Sub-accounts to gauge where improvement can be made.

MOVE’s Integration Hub allows the MOVE Platform to leverage API connections from major dealership management systems so your data can all be combined into the reports you already use and create. MOVE also uses Strip for all order payment processing, and your Stripe account can be connected to your business Quickbooks account to keep your financials accurate and up to date without the need to import files or do manual data entry.

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