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Communicate part orders
instantly with MOVE!

Make Ordering Very Easy

Check out our video below to learn more.

Learn more about MOVE App

2:36 duration

Learn more about MOVE App

2:36 duration

Time is money, and time spent waiting to process & place parts orders costs wholesalers & repair shops millions in annual revenue.

MOVE is a communication platform that simplifies parts ordering by minimizing human errors related to miscommunication.

MOVE is Easy

MOVE simplifies parts ordering by connecting customers, technicians, and distributors using mobile technology they already know how to use.

MOVE is Concise

A single incorrect part name or number in a VIN can lead to wasted time and money.

MOVE is Fast

Waiting on hold,  or not having your call answered should not stop multi-million dollar businesses from operating.

MOVE enables direct customer connections, elevating the service experience and streamlining orders while saving time and money.

Your Communication Platform. Your Customers!

Customers and technicians require a fast and reliable method to communicate part orders with wholesale distributors.

Wholesale distributors require a fast and accurate system for processing customer orders and communicating quotes for parts.

MOVE uses technology to improve communication between distributors & customers.

When placing orders with MOVE, you can verify parts visually by taking a picture, and the MOVE app allows you to copy and auto-fill VIN numbers into the order form using your smartphone camera.

The MOVE Platform sends notifications for customer part orders, allowing for quick quoting and easy transaction tracking on a dashboard.

MOVE will transform how customers and wholesale distributors communicate when placing part orders.

Here are a few examples:

Receive orders around the clock 24/7/365.

View/Send order Photos with Ultra Zoom features and mark up editing.

Increases reliability and accountability in parts departments improving reputation.

Sales Employee performance evaluation via live dashboard.

Lower cost non-swipe credit card fees via Stripe at 2.9%.

Internal text message system for each order.

Minimize over-handling and returns with validation processes.

Build Unlimited Teams to quote and receive orders in real time anywhere.

Avoid language barriers and/or poor verbal communication with customers.

Subscription pricing plans designed for you.

MOVE is here to connect customers and part distributors quickly and accurately.

We offer subscription models that meet your needs. Discounts and pricing are subject to change.

Free One Month Trial Subscription!

Dealerships & Businesses

First month


then, starting at:

$99/ month

per Dealership/Business
(Unlimited users)

  • Unlimited staff & employee access
  • 24-hour technical support

Custom White Label App

Coming Soon

Contact Us for more info or
click the Get Started link below.

  • For Large Dealership Networks & OEMs
  • Custom Branding & Configuration
  • 24-hour technical support

Let MOVE become your next Innovation Campaign!

Accelerate your business growth by communicating faster and more efficiently with MOVE

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