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Order parts faster with MOVE!

Two-sided part ordering communication platform built for automotive & heavy-duty trucks.

Order parts faster with MOVE!

Two-sided part ordering communication platform built for automotive and heavy equipment.

World’s first communication platform designed from the ground up for automotive & heavy-duty parts ordering environments.

Learn how MOVE simplifies the communications aspect of part ordering.

Learn more about MOVE App

2:36 duration

Learn more about MOVE App

2:36 duration

Time is money, and time spent waiting to process & place parts orders costs wholesalers & repair shops millions in annual revenue.

MOVE makes part ordering more efficient by minimizing human miscommunication errors related to placing and fulfilling part orders.

MOVE is Easy

MOVE simplifies parts ordering by using photo images and short customizable forms to create part orders quickly.

MOVE is Accountable

MOVE documents the part ordering process from beginning to end, tracking and providing data to clarify any errors.

MOVE is Fast

No more waiting on hold. Place orders instantly from your MOVE phone app and reply with order quotes in less than 5 minutes.

MOVE enables direct customer connections, elevating the service experience and streamlining orders while saving time & money.

Dedicated 2-way Communications Platform to Revolutionize Your Business

The MOVE Platform provides several ways to communicate when placing parts orders and returning parts quotes. Message notifications, images, custom forms, language translation, and payment acceptance all transmit seamlessly within the platform.

MOVE Platform Key Features

MOVE will transform how customers and wholesale distributors communicate when placing part orders.

Here are a few examples:

24/7 Ordering Capability
Place and process orders anytime, anywhere, from any phone and process them via desktop platform viewer

Send Photos & Markup
Send photos and highlight parts of your photo so it’s easy to get the right part.

Order notifications
notifications to be sent via email and text message, ensuring customers and parts departments always know an order status

Brand Customization
Customize your branding, ensuring a consistent and aligned representation of your business.

Unlimited Team Members
Establish an expansive parts department within your organization, fostering the growth and scalability

Language Translation
Multiple languages to English order translations, eliminating language barriers.

Stripe Integration
Trusted payment gateway, enabling integration with existing accounting systems.  Competitive fees of 2.9%.

Custom Domains
Add MOVE to your technology stack and use your own domain

Warranty Status Tracking
Track the warranty status for parts orders to avoid loss and overpayment

Control & Build a Parts Ordering Ecosystem

The MOVE Platform is built for dealership businesses that have several rooftop locations.


Create as many Rooftop Account locations as needed.


Control the name, branding & location information for each Rooftop Account.


Track sales & performance for each Rooftop Account location.

Subscription pricing plans designed for you.

MOVE is here to connect customers and part distributors quickly and accurately.

We offer subscription models that meet your needs. Discounts and pricing are subject to change.

Free One Month Trial Subscription!

Dealership Master Account

Starting at:

$1,299/ month
  • Full-featured account that can create up to 4,000 Rooftop sub-accounts
  • Completely brand customizable.
  • Seamlessly deploy MOVE Platform Technology as part of your technology suite


FREE trial

Rooftop Location Sub Account

Starting at:

$299/ month
  • Sub-account of master account for managing individual rooftop locations
  • A full-featured account with custom branding and custom domain capability

10% discount for yearly subscription

Let MOVE become your next Innovation Campaign!

Accelerate your business growth by communicating faster and more efficiently with MOVE

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