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Parts Ordering with MOVE.

Sign into APP

Create a new order

Capture a photo of VIN# & needed part

Circle part to help validate for ordering


Send to vendor of choice or white-labeled partner

Accept returned quote and process payment

How does it work?


  • Customers download MOVE.
  • Create their profile and add payment method(s).
  • They can then create an order by tapping the plus button. Complete order form, add or take photos and send your order of needed part(s) to the business of choice. Then review dealer quote and confirm order with payment.
Our system and methods used are the fastest possible way of ordering from any parts department.

Businesses /
Dealership Parts Departments

  • Businesses / Parts Distributors will create profiles and add employees to the web-based platform.
  • Employees open notifications and respond to customer requests with availability, price, and ETA.
  • All information needed to complete the order is on the order form. If there is additional information needed the employee can directly message the customer for more information on the platform via text or email.
  • Once the customer approves the quote, a notification is sent with payment. Businesses will set preferred payment methods.

MOVE uses technology to improve communication between distributors & customers.

When placing orders with MOVE, you can verify parts visually by taking a picture, and the MOVE app allows you to copy and auto-fill VIN numbers into the order form using your smartphone camera.

The MOVE Platform sends notifications for customer part orders, allowing for quick quoting and easy transaction tracking on a dashboard.

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