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White Labeling & Customizing the MOVE App

White Labeling the MOVE App lets your business leverage our parts-ordering technology without the cost and hassle of self-development.

The term “white labeling” refers to MOVE‘s practice of licensing & rebranding the MOVE App network for dealerships and OEM business partners. This enables more effective communication with parts distributors & departments over wider geographical areas and provides numerous other benefits.

Some of the most attractive benefits are:

  • Creating a more personalized experience for their customers
  • Giving their network of businesses a technical competitive advantage over other dealer networks
  • Leveraging technology to increase order accuracy & decrease unneeded communication

One Size Does Not Fit All!

White Labeling allows for the right sizing of the MOVE App to fit our partner’s size and scope of business.

Dealerships that have three or more locations will not need the same feature set as an OEM with 2,500 locations.  White Labeling with MOVE App will help your business create the desired solution to provide the parts-buying experience that is best for your network.

OEMs can have all their dealerships listed under “dealers” within their version of the MOVE App, meaning only their own dealerships appear. Customers can search by zip code to find the closest dealership for their parts ordering, without encountering competitors or outside markets.

How Does it Work?

To utilize the MOVE App, your customers can download the customized version from either the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Once downloaded, they can follow the provided steps within the MOVE application.

Businesses will create profiles and add employees to the web-based platform.

Employees open notifications and respond to customer requests with availability, price, and ETA.

All information needed to complete the order is on the order form. If there is additional information needed the employee can directly message the customer for more information on the platform via text or email.

Once the customer approves the quote, a notification is sent with payment. Businesses will set preferred payment methods.

Included White-Label Features

All requested items and communication for customization of the Network

Branded Digital Application in Apple Store and Google Play Store

Branded Web-based network for all order requests and employee login

1 Master Admin Panel

Network Security Plan with 24/7 Support Staff

Free updates made to MOVE will be applied to White labels after owner approval

Customized Parts Order Form for any business

Create an account, add your payment method & then you’re ready to order!

Questions? Get in Touch!

Questions about a White Lable MOVE Platform solution for your business?  We’d love to speak with you.

Contact Founder & CEO, Steven Davis, directly with any questions you may have:

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